This easy iPhone hack could save your kid’s life — no, really

NOT trying to be sensationalist — this hack really is essential for every kid to know. There’s a iPhone Hack doing the rounds on Facebook that seems too important not to share. The latest iOS for iPhone has an important safety feature built in that every kid (and their parents) needs to know about. If … [Read more…]

The LG V30+ Hopes To Be Phone Of The Year, So How Does It Measure Up?

ALL the talk might be about the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone but there is another lesser known model that could be a contender for device of the year. WHEN you are talking about LG’s impressive product range, the company’s OLED TVs and Dolby Atmos soundbars are at the top of the list. … [Read more…]

Cracked Screens May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

RESEARCHERS may have discovered a solution to one of life’s most annoying first-world problems — the dreaded cracked phone screen. But walking around with a smashed screen or being in constant fear of getting one may soon be a thing of the past, with research from the Australian National University (ANU) heading the development of … [Read more…]

Queensland Police consider camera technology that will photograph drivers using mobile phones

QUEENSLAND Police are considering camera technology capable of photographing drivers using their mobile phones behind the wheel to combat road crashes in the state. Assistant commissioner Mike Keating said he was aware of the world first red-light-style camera, which has just been trialled in Victoria, and would consider taking it to the state government if … [Read more…]

Oh Look, iOS 11 Had Yet Another Phone-Breaking Bug

As explained by iMore  and software engineer Yoshimasa Niwa, the bug appears to cause iOS 11’s local notifications service to consume massive amounts of memory, crashing “springboard, the iPhone and iPad windowing manager.” User reports  confirmed that the bug occurred while using any third-party “app that has local notifications with repeating settings (this means apps … [Read more…]

Revealing The Top Mobile Virtual Network Operators In Australia

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) have re-emerged as the growth leaders in Australia for the first half of 2017. The MVNO top performers were ALDImobile, amaysim and Kogan Mobile, according to research from Telsyte. That number is based on their net additions during the first half of the year. The top four largest MVNOs are … [Read more…]

How Black Market Criminals Are Duping Apple Users Into Surrendering Their iPhones

A security report out today sheds new light on the lucrative business of unlocking and reselling stolen iPhones, a multi-million dollar criminal enterprise spanning the globe. The tools used by shadowy hackers involved in this black market trade were detailed in TrendMicro’s latest research. Today, stolen or lost iPhones are typically locked down by theirs … [Read more…]

Expect The iPhone SE 2 In The First Half Of 2018

For those of us that prefer our handsets on the smaller size, the iPhone 6’s change in form factor was disappointing. Fortunately, Apple didn’t abandon fans entirely, providing upgraded guts inside an iPhone 5s chassis with the SE. It appears the SE was popular enough for Apple to consider a refresh, which should be with … [Read more…]

5 best smartwatches reviewed and rated, from the 4G Apple Watch to Fitbit’s new Ionic

THE next generation of smartwatches has arrived and can do more than ever, from tracking swims to sending SMS messages. We review 5 of the best. WHETHER you want to take phone calls from your wrist, leave your smartphone at home, or take photos on the go, there are smartwatches to fulfil your needs. The … [Read more…]