In case you missed it, Apple quietly killed the highest-capacity iPhone 7

TECH companies use a lot of tricks to get us to buy their latest gear, including killing off their own products.

APPLE is a cold-blooded killer.
The tech giant snuffed out the 3.5mm headphone jack in one fell swoop last year and signalled the beginning of the end of the home button with the iPhone X.
In its latest move, Apple has quietly discontinued the 256GB iPhone 7.
While it pulled the high-capacity iPhone 7 in September — the same day it unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone X — there’s a good chance you missed the sneaky move.
This means that consumers who are looking on for a high-storage iPhone option will now only be able to choose between the iPhone 8 and the X.
However, the 256GB model should still available from carriers while supplies last. While the high-capacity iPhone 8 will run you about $A1289, the 7 with the same storage costs about $200 less.
If Apple’s strategy was to move customers toward a purchase of the iPhone 8, it doesn’t seem to have worked too well.
The iPhone 7 is still reportedly outselling the iPhone 8 one month after the new model’s release.
The lack of interest in the iPhone 8 can be attributed to two main factors.
The first is that the iPhone 8 looks a lot like the iPhone 7, and aside from having wireless charging and faster processors, it hasn’t done much to differentiate itself from its predecessor and get customers rushing to upgrade.
The second is the fairly expensive gorilla in the room: the iPhone X. With the release of Apple’s “future of the smartphone” looming on November 3, the iPhone 8 was stuck in no man’s land when it hit stores in late September.
This story originally appeared on the New York Post.

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