iPhone X leaks

Daughter of Apple exec leaks video of herself trying the upcoming iPhone X, weeks before its release.

THE daughter of an Apple engineer has filmed herself exploring the hotly anticipated iPhone X and uploaded the video to YouTube, weeks before its launch.
Dad’s bosses clearly weren’t impressed with the early leak, which came from inside the secretive technology company’s California headquarters.
Just hours after vlogger Brooke Amelia Peterson’s clip went live, it was promptly deleted.
“Dad has the new iPhone X … look how big the screen is. It’s pretty,” she says in the since-removed clip.
However Apple enthusiasts made copies of the footage and began sharing it, eager to get an in-depth look at the most advanced iPhone model yet.
Websites devoted to the company’s gadgets quickly described it as the “most extensive hands-on video yet”.
The smartphone was created to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the revolutionary gadget but pre-orders don’t open until this Friday.
It’ll then be another week at least until the handsets begin shipping.
While the iPhone X was announced last month, along with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models, there were few detailed looks at it.
In her clip, apparently shot at the cafeteria at her dad’s office, Peterson gives a thorough overview of the phone’s many features.
She pays for her lunch with Apple Pay — technology she claims her father worked on — and then marvel’s at the iPhone X’s huge screen, vibrant display and cameras.
“The camera is what is so insane to me. See how good it looks?”
She also shows its animated emoji technology — users can scan their own face and have it animated as an emoji character. Her dad can be heard in the background demonstrating the feature.
A big new inclusion of the iPhone X is a in-built security system called Face ID that lets users unlock the handset with their face.

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